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Dog Dynasty

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Going Home

Our puppies go home with everything they need. Including toys, food microchip and puppy registration, and more.


We can deliver your new puppy!

We personally hand deliver the puppy. Your puppy never leaves our care until she is handed to you.

Honest pricing

Our puppies are generally $1250.

Some are more depending on color size and a couple of other factors.

We have been in business since 2006

We love pets, so we have created a kennel that lets you get premium-quality pets for your family

Our Values

Dog Dynasty believes in keeping our breed alive healthy and thriving. We have personally dedicaded our lives to our dogs.

Our Company

Dog Dynasty has been in business for more than a decade and we have our next generation taking over so we are going to be around for many many more. We will always be here for any questions about anything dog related.

Our Dogs

Our dogs live with us or our family. They are all raised and cared for as a family.  Detailed records are kept for each of them to track how they produce so we can catch any problems early. This is what we do we are not part-time breeders. Our dogs are priorities in our lives.